• Sempre Famiglia: Always Family

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Sustainability at Zolo


Here at the Zolo family we care about our Mother Earth!

We source our coffee sustainably and ethically. In the coffee world this means working with small lot farmers, sustainable certifications, reducing our carbon footprint through biodegradable cups, sleeves, etc. We donate our coffee grounds to local farmers or compost them. At our Farmers' Markets, we encourage our customers to bring their own cup by offering a price discount for doing so.

We roast on low carbon footprint, highly energy efficient 35 kilo Loring roasters. These roasters are single burner convection, warm air recirculating design which utilize less natural gas inputs, thus resulting in less environmental impact. 

As a large influencer over the coffee supply chain we know it is our duty be sustainability leaders. Farmers at the bottom of the value chain are getting squeezed by some of the lowest coffee prices in the last 25 years. We want to shift value in the global coffee supply chain to some of its most marginalized and underpaid people by purchasing coffee at a fair price always substaintially above the current commodity or C price. 

Rainforest Alliance Certification

Zolo is a Rainforest Alliance Certified roaster. This certification means that not only is the environment protected but also the people who farm it. RFA works with sustainable farmers to improve their livelihoods and health of their communities. See their website for more info:


Meet the Team

 Sempre famiglia: Always family. Two words that capture our philosophy of life, love and coffee. The Zolo family oversees the entire journey from green bean to cup with hands and heart to craft a memorable coffee of exceptional quality.

Our Founders are featured below: Laurie, Dave and their son Nick are the core family Zolo. 

When buying from Zolo you become part of our coffee family. The relationships we have made over the years are one of our most important core values as a company. We love to share our passion for coffee with you and hope that you feel the love and care we have poured into each cup. 

From green bean to your morning cup!

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Return & Exchange Policy

 Our return policy is simple, if our coffee does not meet your expectations for any reason whatsoever, we will refund your purchase no questions asked. For additional assistance contact Dave at 415.254.9057