Our Story

 Zolo began as a family hobby in 2013. Dave, Laurie and their son Nick founded the company. It has grown from garage hobby into what it is today. Zolo has five primary business lines: wholesale whole bean sales – office, café & restaurant, Farmers’ Markets, catering/events, online  & subscription coffees.
We have grown from our first Farmers' Market stand in Danville to now serving 5 different markets in the Bay Area.
Fourth Wave Roaster – Zolo takes the best parts of Third Wave Roasters’ commitment to excellence - source high quality, sustainable green coffee, small batch roasting and passion for quality - without the ego, judgment or pretentiousness that usually comes along with it. While we obsess over coffee quality, we believe that the heart wants what the heart wants in a cup of coffee. It is our pleasure to deliver that to everyone.
Zolo is committed to selling high quality, approachable coffee and educating those customers who are as excited as we are about coffee and want to learn more and providing an excellent cup of coffee for everyone.
Zolo is Veteran and Woman owned.