Our Story


Our story starts with curiosity. Big Dave’s relentless curiosity drove our family into countless hobbies.  Whether it was remote control airplanes, fly fishing, bread making, surfing, diving, gold digging, kite boarding or dirt bike riding, there’s a chance we have dabbled in it.  It all starts with a new magazine casually added to the reading pile.  Then books start to appear and soon small innocuous packages arrive at our doorstep.  Eventually the boxes become larger and the hobby fully develops into an obsession with professional gear and training.


Among other hobbies, home beer brewing had always been one of Dave’s strongest interests.  He always loved beer but being able to manipulate the ingredients and process to create exactly what he wanted was where he found his passion.  On top of that, we would have excellent beer to drink and share with friends.  At the same store where he got his beer-making equipment, they also sold coffee roasting equipment.  It was only a matter of time before the coffee roasting magazines showed up.


Like other hobbies, the equipment got more serious and the knowledge deeper, but very quickly this one felt different.  Over several years of roasting, a true passion for coffee was born.  The coffee we gave our friends and neighbors was in high demand and soon, this hobby needed income to justify the acquisition of the new one kilo Probat roaster.  Thus, Zolo Coffee Roasters was born.


With the simple yet elusive goal of creating the very best cup of coffee, Zolo Coffee got our first gig at the Danville Farmers’ Market.  Now, nearly 3 years after our first market, we are doing several different markets and antique fairs a month, have commercial accounts and have worked many weddings, parties, conventions and other events thrown in between.  We’ve introduced high quality espresso drinks, iced coffee, as well as hot and iced tea into our line-up.  We are excited for the future of this company and hope that you can be part of our story.