Brew Crew: Bailey

by David Terzolo |

Bailey is a cousin to Nick and a nephew to Dave and has been on the brew crew since Zolo Coffee Roasters has been doing the Danville Farmers' Market and is one of our favorite members of the team.  He is a hard worker and a constant source of entertainment, whether on purpose or not.  He is known to be extremely clumsy when he gets tired, so we try to keep him nice and caffeinated.  Bailey is given a new nickname almost every week, many of which are inappropriate for this post...He will respond to poop foot and klutz, but he prefers to be called the tea curator and rocket coffee specialist.  His favorite job in the tent is trying out new teas and choosing which ones we offer.  Also, he was the first person to be voluntold to wear the coffee backpack and still continues to be the best on rocket coffee.  He does a lot of the dirty work that no one wants to do at the end of the day.  Although he might have broken more equipment than anyone else, he supplies us with a constant flow of cheesy jokes and truly brightens our day with his chipper attitude.  Zolo Coffee wouldn't be the same without this guy and we can't get enough of his matter-of-fact sense of humor.

Danville Farmers' Market

by David Terzolo |

Nearly a year ago, after many phone calls and sample bags, we got our first opportunity to sell our coffee at the Danville Farmers' Market.  It was a very nervous and exciting time for us because we had never done anything like this before.  In our brief time operating at this market we have gained experience and friends that we couldn't have gotten any other way. 


We have really grown into ourselves at the Farmers’ Market and it has been a great forum to try out new products.  We’ve built a following of people that give us valuable feedback and great suggestions to try something new.  Initially we started out doing single cup pour overs and 12 oz. bag sales.  Over the year we’ve introduced cold brew iced coffee, iced tea, and espresso drinks.


Although the experience we’ve gained has been invaluable, the friends we have made at this market make it worth the early wake up on a Saturday morning.  We find ourselves trading and chatting with the vendors at the market through out the day getting fresh fruit and vegetables for the week to come.  We’ve grown quite fond of the breakfast crepes Russell serves up at Brittany’s Crepe tent and we swap iced with him coffee through out the day.  Right next to our tent, Junior serves up the most delicious Italian pork sandwich you’ll ever have and he enjoys our Farmhouse French roast.  One of our favorite customers, Jeff, trades us some home brewed beer for whole beans every week and even uses our beans in some of his brews.

The Farmers’ Market is a special place where we can create relationships with people in our community that isn’t your everyday business transaction.  Whether it is trading beer with a customer or taking five or ten minutes to learn about the Probat roaster we roll out there every week, stop by our tent for a different kind of coffee experience.

Bean Profile: Mocha-Java Blend

by David Terzolo |

Port of Mokha


Mocha-Java is the world’s oldest blend of coffee that started its name in history in a port town called Mocha (Mokha back then).  In the 15th century, Mocha was an essential port to trade with Mecca and produced some of the first cultivated coffee. A common trade route would bring traders from Java, an Indonesian island, into Mocha regularly.  These sailors would bring beans from their home island that would be mixed with the Yemen mocha to produce what we call today the Mocha-Java blend.


Traditionally, the Mocha would be naturally processed with a full-bodied winey acidity.  The Indonesian was typically wet processed leaving a fuller, earthy taste with a prominent and lingering finish.  When combined, you get a very complex cup; bright acidity from the mocha and the full bodied earthy aftertaste from the Java. 


While we use beans from different regions, our take on the blend stems from the basic qualities provided by the beans.  For the Mocha, we use a naturally processed Ethiopian to provide more fruitiness in the cup than a wet processed bean.  For the Java, we use a naturally processed Sumatra, which is earthier than a traditional Java and adds to the fruitiness provided by the Ethiopian.  The overall effect is a brighter, fruitier cup than the traditional blend.


Our Mocha-Java Blend before roasting

While we continue to experiment with this blend we have found that using more of the Ethiopian than the Sumatra gives us a brighter cup with more subtle earthy tones.  This blend is extremely versatile and we enjoy it almost anyway you can brew it.  The brightness of the Ethiopian shines through on a pour over, but you don’t get overloaded with earthy tones when you prepare it in a French press.


Whether it was a fortunate coincidence or a calculated combination, the Mocha-Java blend is one of the worlds most popular blends to this day.  For good reason too; you will be hard pressed to find such a versatile blend with such complex tastes.


Welcome to the New Website

by David Terzolo |

       Hello coffee enthusiast,

       We're very excited you have found us and are browsing through our new website.  We hope that this site can offer you information not only on our offerings but on the best practices of brewing your coffee.

       Our home page now will be showing pictures of our coffee and roasting processes.  We have revamped our product section to show our most current coffees with pictures of both the green and roasted beans.  We have updated our contact sheet with the newest addition to our team, Mattie, who will be helping with our marketing efforts this summer.  Also, some new information on how we got our start is under the About Us section.  Lastly, we are going to start making weekly blog posts about news in our company, news in the coffee world, and anything else that is going on in our community that would interest you.

       We are entering a very exciting time in our company and expect a lot of growth to happen with our company this summer.  Big things are in the works and we will keep you up to date with what is going on in our world.