Danville Farmers' Market

Nearly a year ago, after many phone calls and sample bags, we got our first opportunity to sell our coffee at the Danville Farmers' Market.  It was a very nervous and exciting time for us because we had never done anything like this before.  In our brief time operating at this market we have gained experience and friends that we couldn't have gotten any other way. 


We have really grown into ourselves at the Farmers’ Market and it has been a great forum to try out new products.  We’ve built a following of people that give us valuable feedback and great suggestions to try something new.  Initially we started out doing single cup pour overs and 12 oz. bag sales.  Over the year we’ve introduced cold brew iced coffee, iced tea, and espresso drinks.


Although the experience we’ve gained has been invaluable, the friends we have made at this market make it worth the early wake up on a Saturday morning.  We find ourselves trading and chatting with the vendors at the market through out the day getting fresh fruit and vegetables for the week to come.  We’ve grown quite fond of the breakfast crepes Russell serves up at Brittany’s Crepe tent and we swap iced with him coffee through out the day.  Right next to our tent, Junior serves up the most delicious Italian pork sandwich you’ll ever have and he enjoys our Farmhouse French roast.  One of our favorite customers, Jeff, trades us some home brewed beer for whole beans every week and even uses our beans in some of his brews.

The Farmers’ Market is a special place where we can create relationships with people in our community that isn’t your everyday business transaction.  Whether it is trading beer with a customer or taking five or ten minutes to learn about the Probat roaster we roll out there every week, stop by our tent for a different kind of coffee experience.