Brew Crew: Bailey

Bailey is a cousin to Nick and a nephew to Dave and has been on the brew crew since Zolo Coffee Roasters has been doing the Danville Farmers' Market and is one of our favorite members of the team.  He is a hard worker and a constant source of entertainment, whether on purpose or not.  He is known to be extremely clumsy when he gets tired, so we try to keep him nice and caffeinated.  Bailey is given a new nickname almost every week, many of which are inappropriate for this post...He will respond to poop foot and klutz, but he prefers to be called the tea curator and rocket coffee specialist.  His favorite job in the tent is trying out new teas and choosing which ones we offer.  Also, he was the first person to be voluntold to wear the coffee backpack and still continues to be the best on rocket coffee.  He does a lot of the dirty work that no one wants to do at the end of the day.  Although he might have broken more equipment than anyone else, he supplies us with a constant flow of cheesy jokes and truly brightens our day with his chipper attitude.  Zolo Coffee wouldn't be the same without this guy and we can't get enough of his matter-of-fact sense of humor.