Hario V60 Pour Over Guide


The term Pour-Over is used to describe a range of different brewing methods, all of which brew by percolation. This method is great for those who want complete control of the brewing process.

Step 1

Bring water to a boil.



Step 2

Grind 22 grams of coffee to a medium-fine grind.




Step 3

Insert filter into Hario dripper and wet the filter with hot water.




Step 4

Put the cup, dripper, filter and coffee on scale, then zero (tare) the scale.



Step 5

Pour enough water on the grounds to wet them, but not enough to start the drip (about 35-50 grams.) Wait 30 seconds. This will pre-wet and bloom the coffee allowing for a better, more even extraction.



Step 6

Gently pour water in a circular motion onto the grounds. Don’t pour water directly onto the side of the filter. Pour slowly enough to keep your coffee slurry about half way up the dripper. When the scale reads 350 grams, stop pouring.

Total brew time:  

3 minutes 30 seconds

Pro tips:

Use a scale for a consistent coffee/water ratio.

Adjust the grind size to find the coffee’s sweet spot with your particular brewing equipment.

It will likely take you several brews to dial in the coffee and properly learn the mechanics of pouring.

Use hot water right off of boil - approximately 195-205 degrees.

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