• Roaster's Choice Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee

Roaster's Choice Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee


Zolo Coffee Roasters is currently offering Ethiopian Gedeb as its single origin Roaster's Choice subscription coffee. Orders will be fulfilled until green coffee supplies are exhausted at which time Zolo will select and roast a new, high quality, single origin coffee based on crop availability and seasonality.

Ethiopian Gedeb is a single origin, natural processed coffee dried on raised beds. Flavor notes include grape juice, strawberry, peach pie with a nice pleasing acidity. This coffee is extremely dynamic and will perform excellent as a drip, espresso or cold brew.

This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Testi Trading PLC, a coffee mill located in the town of Danbi Uddo near the town of Shakiso within the Gedeb Zone of the Yirgacheffe Region, Ethiopia.



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